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Coral Gables International

Business Enterprises, LLC.






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Types of Financing

Text Box: Acquisition & Development
Loan to both acquire and develop Real Estate Property to an improved state. Voucher control is set up to disperse loan proceeds with interest only paid on funds distributed. Loan to value is determined as to the improved value. $ 300,000.00 to                      $ 50,000,000.00



Acquisition Financing

In many cases, the best way for your business to grow is through acquisition financing. Acquisition financing can jump start your business if it is already a proven ongoing business concern. Whether your business is publicly traded or privately held, debt financing is often the best means for funding acquisitions. Coral Gables International Business Enterprises, LLC. provides qualifying customers with the source of financing for acquisitions to assist in acquiring the stock or assets of a business. Our expertise allows us to present you with a balanced approach to business growth while maintaining a favorable debt-to-equity ratio.


1. Minimum funding limit is $ 500,000.00, with no maximum.

2. Unlimited funds available with this program.

3. Funding often available within 60 days.

4. U.S.  and International projects accepted.

 Text Box: Bridge Loan
A Bridge Loan is a loan that is used for short duration of time until permanent financing is put in place. Bridge loans are a perfect solution to a timely acquisition or business opportunity because they allow a purchaser or investor to act quickly. These loans can be used for acquisition, buy-outs, foreclosures, cash out and construction purposes.


Bridge Loans

As a company grows and looks to acquire greater financing, oftentimes a bridge loan is needed. Bridge loans are short-term funds that "bridge" the gap between today's need for immediate cash to pay bills and the final closing of a pending investment deal or long-term financing package. If your company is in the process of waiting for its primary financing, then a bridge loan may be just what you need. Fill out the contact form, and let the professionals at Coral Gables International Business Enterprises, LLC., help you "bridge" the gap to success.

Bridge Loan Detail

1. Minimum funding limit is $ 300,000.00, with no maximum.

            2. Unlimited funds available with this program.

3. Funding often available within 60 days.

            4. U.S.  and International projects accepted.



 Raw Land Loan

Unimproved Real State Property. From lots to large acreage. Normally raw land is valued at a 90-day "quick sale" price to determine loan-to-value ratios. Loans from; $300,000.00 to $5,000,000.00.


Text Box: Construction Loan
1. Minimum funding limit is $ 300,000.00, with no maximum. 
2. Unlimited funds available with this program. 
3. Funding often available within 60 days. 
4. U.S. and International projects accepted. 






 Construction Loan

A Construction Loan is a loan used to construct a building or other improvements of Real Estate property, with the land and improvements as collateral for the loan. Construction reserve accounts are generally maintained to disburse the money as the construction progresses. Up to 100% cost of construction available depending on the improved value.

Type of collateral property ranges from home construction to large commercial  projects.

Text Box: Credit Enhancement 
A program utilized by borrowers lacking the credit or capability to obtain premium funding.



Credit Enhancement, Standby Commitment, Mezzanine Loans

Our Banking Instruments are used as Credit / Asset Enhancement in order to aid in the development of projects, to facilitate trade-finance, help to secure Loans, Real-Estate Development, or General Business Expansion.

The advantage of using these instruments is that it is immediately confirmed as Viable Security, thereby meeting the criteria of the Standard Credit Committee and triggering the Credit Line Days and dispensing with the normal 60-90 day period of Institutional Due Diligence.

  Standby Commitment is a program utilized by borrowers until institutional financing commits or to show proof of performances if the purchase buyout occurs.

Mezzanine Loans  A Mezzanine Loan is a loan that is subordinate to a Primary Lender. It involves debt, which is paid back at time of sale or refinance with an equity ownership piece given to the lender as a kicker or sweetener.


Our service has been used for:

         Increasing the underwriting Ratio for an Insurance Co.

         Substantiating a stronger financial position of a Company going public prior to issuing an IPO. 

         Triggering the release of Funding from a Foundation / Trust / Pension Fund

         Enhance the Book value of a Company in order to implement corporate financial strategy 

         Allows the Client to meet a Collateral First requirement

         used to qualify a Client in order to Tender a formal BID

         used to qualify to capture an allocation of product in order to be able to be a distributor of various commodity products

         Proof of Funds / evidence financial wherewithal

         Used to enhance or trigger a Commodity Trading Credit Line using  DLC  purchases.

         Banks can place them on their books under their custody in order to increase their reserves thereby increasing their Multiplication Factor Lending Ratio and simultaneously earning overnight interest profits.

         Used as a secondary security to mitigate the Transactional Risk to Lending institution

         Secure and or Trigger third party Funding

         Substantiate a J/V position

         Establish a credit line for Diamond Trading

There are other uses however; the final use would be contingent to the financial strategy of the respective Client.

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Coral Gables International Business Enterprises, LLC.


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